3 Keys to Successful Retail Displays

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Here at Co-Pak Packaging Corporation, we know that a large part of customer behavior comes down to how products are presented to them. Because of this, well-designed retail displays are a key part of your overall business success. In this article, our team will go over three key principles for creating appealing retail displays to help you take your business to the next level.

3 Keys to Successful Retail Displays

  1. Color and Form. When designing retail displays, our partners at d3 make sure to use color and shape strategically. For color, we use strong, vivid hues that are sure to draw the eye, and we limit the palette to shades that work with your brand guidelines. Color is also great for evoking certain emotions, such as using cool tones to create a relaxed feeling or warm ones to create excitement. When choosing shapes to use in your display, we try to use forms that will stand out on the shelves and on the sales floor.
  2. Another key to successful retail displays is effective messaging. When incorporating text into your display, it’s best to keep the message simple and clear, using as few words as possible to get to the point. Your display’s messaging should describe the main reason why your customer needs your product, and it should be set in bold, easy-to-read type.
  3. A third key aspect of effective retail displays is how well they create a narrative around their product. It’s hard to get excited about just buying a bag of chips, for example, but it becomes more appealing when the display evokes images of a sporting event or party. Tying your product displays to larger events helps create an emotional narrative that makes customers more likely to buy.