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Custom Retail PackagingIf you’re ready to create unique retail packaging that makes your business stand out, you may be excited to begin designing the boxes that will deliver your products to your customers with a bit of flare. As you go through your design ideas and consider your costs, you will want to make sure to avoid these problems with your custom retail packaging:

1.  Missed Branding Opportunities – It’s easy to get caught up with your custom retail packaging design in terms of size, construction, and material. What you don’t want to do is miss the opportunity to add your unique brand to your custom retail packaging, so your customers never have to guess what has arrived at their door. Strategic branding opportunities include the sides and top of your box in clear lettering where your company name and logo can easily be identified.

2.  Poor Design – The point in developing custom retail packaging is that you want the box to fit the product and vice versa. If your packaging doesn’t have a great design that fits your products well and offer complete protection during shipment, you will have done yourself and your customers a disservice.

3.  Lackluster Finishing Quality – Even the best designs can go astray without quality finishing. If you are taking the time to create custom retail packaging, make sure the finishing touches are just as unique as your business.

At Co-Pak Packaging Corporation, we partner with many agencies and organizations to develop custom retail packaging and provide fulfillment services that make sense for their business. Contact us today to see how we can make your custom retail packaging stand out.