How We Work


Collaborative, results focused problem solving.

Our Process

With Co-Pak Packaging Corporation, it’s about embracing and leveraging the process that leads to successfully presenting products to shoppers within the retail environment. Our “store back” thinking, starts with what success needs to look like to a shopper in-store, then what needs to happen in order for your co-pack or product display solutions to arrive on time at each store and to be properly merchandised …. and details that lead all the way back to product specifications and ROI measurements per display unit.

From the foundation of discovery, to fulfillment and all the way to our solution’s ultimate performance, Co-Pak Packaging Corporation is able to provide end-to-end product presentation solutions.


An investment of time at the beginning, can realize time savings, accuracies, opportunities and efficiencies come project completion.

We’ll make sure that all the necessary questions are asked and answered, to ensure both our project team and our partner’s team are 100% on the same page with demands, opportunities, budgets and performance expectations.

Co-Pak Packaging Corporation’s creative solutions, always start with full scope comprehension.


With an agreed upon situational understanding, the Co-Pak Packaging Corporation Team will then embark on developing the right project plan and deliverables, to help our partners achieve all of the established objectives.

This problem solving stage, will identify opportunities and solutions based on Co-Pak Packaging Corporation’s in-store product presentation experience and insights in; co-packing, supply chain logistics, displays and in-store merchandising.


To Co-Pak Packaging Corporation, design is not simply creative. Great design, is intelligent design.

Our “store back” design process focuses around success in-store because if it doesn’t get set up in-store, or doesn’t activate purchase, then the display or special pack is not doing its intended job.

Structurally, product displays must have certain attributes, including: structural integrity, simple assembly, retailer compliance, able to accommodate desired quantity of product units, and perhaps housed in a shipper that will fit easily into a sales rep’s vehicle.

Creatively, product displays must convert shoppers to buyers within a complex and crowded retail environment, within only a matter of seconds.

Looks, messaging and form must work together to cut through the clutter and build awareness, trial and activation.

Our project team is armed with real world experience, including retailer and shopper insights to provide partners with the best design solutions for the task.


Co-Pak Packaging Corporation acknowledges things can change and maintains a state of flexibility as needed, to ensure our partner’s jobs execute seamlessly and worry-free.

Along the way the Co-Pak Packaging Corporation team stays in constant communication with our partners to update and adjust if surprises arise.

There are many steps along the process. Co-Pak Packaging Corporation is always there and always aware.


Here’s where the Co-Pak Packaging Corporation team rolls up its sleeves to get every job done on time. No matter the complexity, difficulty or time constraints, we collaborate and communicate to ensure our partners are informed and their expectations are exceeded.

Follow Up

What is rarely seen, but always appreciated by our partners, is Co-Pak Packaging Corporation’s diligent and professional behind the scenes work. We ensure all products and promotional items are received at the right place, at the right time.

Co-Pak Packaging Corporation is 100% dedicated and committed.

This is The Co-Pak Way.

Co-Pak Packaging Corporation is an international company servicing, but not limited to, the following areas: Canada. Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Greater Montreal Area (GMA), Greater Vancouver Area (GVA), Calgary, Halifax. USA. Chicago, New York, New Jersey, Los Angles, Dallas, Seattle, Atlanta, Charlotte, Kansas, Miami. Europe. London, Paris, Barcelona, Frankfurt, Milan, Prague, Budapest. ASIA. Mumbai, India, Bangkok, Thailand, Manila, Philippines, Hangzhou, Beijing, China, Colombo, Sri Lanka. Brazil. Sao Paolo.

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