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When it comes to our packaging solutions, we understand that colour plays an important role. While other factors, like brand recognition and product quality, definitely affect a consumer’s purchasing decision, colour is still one of the most critical aesthetic choices to make when it comes to choosing your packaging solutions.

Here are a few colour trends in packaging right now you may want to consider for your brand:

  • Colours and flavours—Linking colours with flavours has been a popular trend for a while, and it’s not going away anytime soon. For example, using red to invoke the taste of cherry or yellow to signify a lemon flavour can influence last-minute purchasing decisions, which can ultimately drive sales.
  • Pastels—Pastels are becoming more and more popular in packaging. Many brands choose to package their brand in these lighter colours because they are soothing and create a sense of calmness amongst shoppers.
  • Colour gradients—You can find colour gradients nearly everywhere right now! The use of colour gradients invokes emotions like peace, calm, and depending on the shades, a sense of excitement.
  • Green—While the word itself indicates eco-friendliness, the actual colour green indicates a conscious and earth-friendly approach to packaging. If your product uses environmentally friendly packaging, it can be a smart move to incorporate this colour in the packaging.

If you have questions about using the right colours in your packaging, partner with us at Co-Pak Packaging Corporation! We’re ready and waiting to tell you more about our packaging solutions.