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Packaging Solutions, Montreal, QC

When it comes to our packaging solutions in Montreal, the sky is the limit.

Every product needs to be packaged differently. At Co-Pak Packaging Corporation, we realize this and make sure that every packaging project we work on is completely custom and unique. We work with a number of national and multi-national brands in Montreal, Quebec, and throughout the U.S., and always follow through on our solutions.

We’ve provided packaging solutions to industries of all types since 1999 and continue to take on packaging projects large and small with excellence. We always make deadlines and take full responsibility for the packaging process from start to finish. Some of the industries we’ve worked with in the past include the home improvement, health and beauty, pharmaceutical, food, and technology industries.

Co-Packing solutions to help you WIN in-store

The packaging solutions we have to offer are extensive and include custom packaging, re-packaging, labeling, imprinting and coding, sleeve wrapping, rainbow packs, shrink wrapping, promotion packs, contract packaging, custom kitting, restocking, hand assembly, and more. In addition to these solutions, we also know exactly what needs to happen to get consumers to pay attention to your brand in store. We’ll go the extra mile to make sure that you are 100 percent happy with the way your products are packaged and your experience working with us.

When it comes to our packaging solutions, the sky is the limit. Our knowledge and skilled team of problem solvers do whatever it takes to overcome unique challenges and get great results for every one of our clients. Reach out to us at Co-Pak Packaging Corporation today to find out more about our available packaging solutions and to consult with us about your packaging needs.

At Co-Pak Packaging Corporation, we offer packaging solutions throughout Canada, including the GTA, Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver


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