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Make blister packaging your solution of choice.

Trying to package loose-form consumer goods or electronics can prove challenging. Although cardboard can get the job done, it may not provide the level of security you want or the look you desire when your product is displayed on the shelf. At the same time, putting your product in sleeve wrapping is a versatile way to go, but it doesn’t deliver the durability you need.

Blister Packaging in Vancouver

Enter blister packaging – the functional, durable, and versatile packaging solution you’ve been looking for! At Co-Pak, we recommend blister packaging for many types of products, from fragile electronic items and small goods with multiple parts to everything in between. We can cater your blister packaging to the specific requirements of your product. For instance, we can heat-seal the packaging if you want to add an extra layer of tamper resistance to a sensitive product.

The best part is that when it comes to blister packaging, the sky’s the limit! Our team will come up with the best plan for packaging your product depending on its size, weight, and quantity and back up the process with the exceptional service we’re known for. From start to finish, we’ll impress with our level of dependability, quick response times, and the application of your input and ideas.

We’ll go above and beyond to make sure your brand in Vancouver, British Columbia comes out on top. For additional information about blister packaging and why it’s a great way to go, get in touch with us at Co-Pak today.

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