Blister Packaging

Our blister packaging solutions can be catered to the specific needs of your product.

Blister Packaging – Electronics and small, loose-form consumer goods can make finding the right packaging solutions a little bit challenging. While packaging these items in cardboard may provide the protection you’re looking for, this type of packaging may not provide the tamper proof, security or desired look for your product on the shelf. On the other hand, packaging your brand in sleeve wrapping is highly versatile, but doesn’t necessarily boast the durability of cardboard packaging.

This is where blister packaging comes in. At Co-Pak, we believe that this type of packaging combines versatility, functionality, and durability all into one package that is ideal for fragile electronic items and small goods with multiple parts.

Our blister packaging solutions can be catered to the specific needs of your product. For example, we can design and thermoform blister and clamshell packaging to heat-seal the packaging to blister cards. This is usually a beneficial way to go if your products are heavier or require additional tamper-resistance.

When it comes to blister packaging, your options are virtually limitless, due to the countless ways this type of packaging can be used for products of various sizes, weights, and quantities. If you think blister packaging is the right packaging option for your brand, we’ll work with you to develop the best possible approach to ensure your product makes a statement and appeals to shoppers. Contact us at Co-Pak today to find out more about the innovative approach we take to packaging and what we will do to ensure your brand comes out on top. That’s The Co-Pak Way.

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