Paper Based Material Packaging

When your product needs a little extra support, is uniquely shaped, or is fragile in nature, paper based material packaging may do the trick.

Paper Based Material Packaging – Every brand and every product is unique and has different qualities that should set it apart amidst the many others merchandised on a store shelf or retail floor. That’s why at Co-Pak, we believe how your products are packaged is as important as the package design itself. When your product is uniquely shaped, fragile in nature, or loosely bundled, paper based material packaging (i.e. folding box-board, corrugate, fiber-board, chip-board, etc.) may be the right option for durable and impactful retail merchandising.

We won’t just decide that your product should be packaged in paper based material packaging and ship it off to the stores of your choice. Through our discovery process, we’ll take the time to answer your questions, address your concerns, and ultimately come up with a packing solution that works right for you, your brand, your retailers and shoppers.

When you think of paper based material packaging, you may envision stacks of paper overwhelming your product or forming an oddly shaped package. However, this type of packaging is so much more than that. Flexible, yet strong, we know you’ll be pleased with how your product packaging turns out if our team of seasoned professionals develops a paper based material packaging solution for your brand.

At Co-Pak, we know that how your brand is presented in stores plays a significant role in its performance among your intended shopper demographic. Don’t let how your product is viewed in a retail setting get in the way of its success. Instead, let our team introduce to you how paper based material packaging can benefit your brand and its overall retail performance. That’s The Co-Pak Way.

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