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Pharmaceutical Packaging

If you want to know more about our pharmaceutical packaging solutions, contact us at Co-Pak Packaging Corporation today.

Pharmaceutical Packaging – Co-Pak Packaging Corporation maintains full compliance and certification, as applicable, with Health Canada and holds a Drug Establishment License.

At Co-Pak Packaging Corporation, we understand that finding a pharmaceutical packaging solution that not only looks great, but also adheres to requirements for moisture, ease of opening, child resistance, and portability is nothing short of a challenge. However, this doesn’t stop us from coming up with solutions that will make your brand stand out in-store.

Our main role in the packaging process is to understand what your product needs. Our signature six-pronged process includes:

  1. Discovery
  2. Planning
  3. Design
  4. Refining
  5. Execution
  6. Follow-up

During the discovery stage, we’ll make sure that all necessary questions are asked and answered and get a feel for your budget and performance expectations. Although this is an investment of time, it promotes efficiency and prevents inaccuracies during the later stages of development.

Once we’ve agreed on a pharmaceutical packaging plan with you, we’ll get to work. We’ll create a stunning packaging design, refine our plans, make sure the job is done according to your time constraints, and follow up with you after the process is complete. The only thing you have to do is leave everything to us.

At Co-Pak Packaging Corporation, we are 100 percent committed and dedicated. There’s a reason we’re known for our mutually beneficial supplier relations, meaningful involvement with people, and strong leadership.

We know that your product will benefit from our systematic approach, dedication to your product, and the skills of our team. If you’re curious about our execution process or want to know more about our pharmaceutical packaging solutions, contact us at Co-Pak Packaging Corporation today.

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