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At Co-Pak Packaging Corporation, blister packaging is just one of the many product packaging solutions we offer our partners. Inexpensive and highly cost-effective, we often recommend this type of product packaging for certain brands because it’s tamper proof, durable, and transparent. When designing your blister pack, we’ll make sure it shows off your product in the best possible way. Plus, we’ll test the product packaging for wall thickness, dimensional compliance, and clarity before shipping out your products.

Most often used for pharmaceutical products, clear blister packs can be used simultaneously with a cardboard blister card, which allows customers to examine the whole product before purchase. We can also add eye-catching graphics to the cardboard portion of the blister card to grab customer attention. Additionally, we can create a hole near the top of the cardboard card, so the package can conveniently and easily hang off of a peg while displayed in a retail setting.

Our selection of stock blister packaging comes in many sizes and shapes, including rectangular, square, and round, so the packaging fits the product as closely as possible. On the other end, our custom blister packaging options follow the unique contours of your product with exactness and can incorporate special options, such as unique shapes or “try-me” features.

We’d be happy to tell you more about blister packaging and how it can benefit your brand. Give us a call at Co-Pak Packaging Corporation today, and let’s get started designing the right product packaging for your business!