The Most Effective Types of Retail Displays

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You might have noticed that you can walk into two stores selling relatively the same products and one will feel welcoming and the other might not be as impressive. It wouldn’t surprise you to learn that the one that was using effective types of retail displays and otherwise making their store attractive is probably experiencing a higher sales volume and enhanced profitability. If that is something you want to achieve for your new or established store, it can help to learn what the most effective types of retail displays are.

The Most Effective Types of Retail Displays

  • Entryway displays- Shoppers start out their excursion in your store with the highest level of excitement and desire to purchase. As they grow tired, their interest can wane. Capture that “I want to buy” mentality as they enter your store with eye-catching entryway retail displays.
  • Dump bins- Customers looking to save money often equate dump bins as the place to go for the best bargains. You don’t necessarily have to put your low-priced items there, however. In fact, dump bins can be ideal for impulse purchasing of items you have a nice profit margin on.
  • Freestanding displays- Customers are drawn to freestanding retail displays looking for the latest and greatest items, as well as those they’ll assume are on sale. If you have products that won’t fare well being in a dump bin, a freestanding display is a better choice.
  • Gondola displays- Gondola retail displays are a type of freestanding display that is built stronger and often tailored to showcase a particular product or products.

These are just a few of the most effective types of retail displays. What is best for your company is going to be different than someone else’s, and there are plenty of ways to match up your displays based on your product lines. At Co-Pak Packaging Corporation, we work with you to come up with the best types of displays and the overall design that fits your store. Reach out today to learn more.