What is Blister Packaging?

Chances are, you’ve opened many products contained in blister packaging. This type of packaging includes clear plastic with a cavity that holds consumer goods. Blister packaging is often used as a durable way to package pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, toys, and a variety of other products.

What is Blister Packaging?

Blister packaging is often used in conjunction with a cardboard backing. This way, you can package your product in a durable shell and then use a cardboard backing to include graphics, designs, and text that provide information about the product inside.

If you need to create a packaging solution for your product, there are many reasons why we recommend blister packaging:

  • Compared with other types of packaging, blister packaging can be a cost-effective way to durably package your products.
  • It is difficult to tamper with blister packaging, so you can keep your products safe and prevent damage while they sit in the store.
  • Blister packaging allows customers to see what’s inside your product packaging before they make a purchase.
  • You can combine blister packaging with other types of packaging materials, like cardboard, to create a custom, appealing packaging result.

We can help you create an effective blister packaging solution for your product. For more information about blister packaging or to learn more about working with our packaging pros, get in touch with us at Co-Pak Packaging Corporation today.