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improve the way your product packaging appears

It probably feels like you’ve heard every piece of advice surrounding your product packaging plan. While all of these suggestions can drastically improve the way your product packaging appears and performs in-store, you’re probably interested in taking things to the next level with some new ideas. Here at Co-Pak Packaging Corporation, we want to suggest some of the following unique design tips for your packaging that you probably haven’t heard before:

1.  Start from the bottom—The bottom of your product packaging doesn’t get a lot of attention, but you never know how a product will be stored at home on someone’s shelf! Whether you leave a quick, inspiring message or a QR code that links to a funny video, including information on the bottom of your packaging gives you the opportunity to have some fun.

2.  Don’t leave out an opening line—All great speeches start with a memorable opening line, and the same goes for your packaging. Whether your packaging has a lid and you can include a witty saying underneath or a tear strip that conveys opening instructions in a more interesting way, you can connect with your customers all over again with some interesting copy.

3.  Infuse design into the barcode—Who says barcodes have to be boring? Since you have to have one on your product packaging, you might as well have some fun with it. Ask us for ideas about turning the bar code into a fun image that doesn’t impede proper scanning at checkout.