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Working tirelessly and enthusiastically for you,
with one eye on solutions and the other on results.

Our Story

Founded in 1999 by Roy C. Whiston, after many years of leading both private and public companies, Co-Pak Packaging Corporation is the dynamic result of Roy’s business acumen and partner Mike Shriqui’s unwavering drive, determination and commitment to doing business, The Co-Pak Way.

Together, Roy and Mike have helped established Co-Pak Packaging Corporation as the Co-Packing, display and supply chain partner of choice, to some of Canada’s leading national and multi-national brands.

Co-Pak Packaging Corporation is considered as such by their partners, because of their 100% commitment to the end result, and the details of the process from the first call, to not just the last delivery, but all the way to the solution’s performance in-store.

It’s this passion and dedication that both drives the Co-Pak Packaging Corporation Team, and separates Co-Pak Packaging Corporationk from all others.


At Co-Pak Packaging Corporation, our mission is; Quality, Integrity, Teamwork.

We will do whatever it takes to get it right for our partners. Guaranteed.

This is, The Co-Pak Way.


Co-Pak Packaging Corporation strictly adheres to a set of codified Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). These are regularly reviewed and updated to reflect our quest for continual improvement.

The Co-Pak Way strives to demonstrate excellence in the following:

  • (1) Customer-focused practices
  • (2) Strong leadership
  • (3) Meaningful involvement of people
  • (4) Process approach to quality and customer service
  • (5) A systematic approach to management
  • (6) A factual approach to decision making
  • (7) Mutually beneficial supplier relations
  • (8) Continuous improvement

In addition, to ensure unsurpassed quality of service to our clients, Co-Pak Packaging Corporation makes an on-going commitment to credentials, licenses, and good standing with national and international accrediting agencies and bodies:

HACCP Practices Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) is the systematic and preventative United Nations’ endorsed approach to food safety.
PCO We maintain a Gold Standard designation from Pest Control Organization (PCO), who regularly inspect our warehouse facilities.

As well, Co-Pak Packaging Corporation maintains full compliance and certification, as applicable, with the following Canadian and United States government agencies:

Health Canada Drug Establishment License
Natural Health Products License
Excise Tax Licensing Experience in handling beverage alcohol

Co-Pak Packaging Corporation is an international company servicing, but not limited to, the following areas: Canada. Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Greater Montreal Area (GMA), Greater Vancouver Area (GVA), Calgary, Halifax. USA. Chicago, New York, New Jersey, Los Angles, Dallas, Seattle, Atlanta, Charlotte, Kansas, Miami. Europe. London, Paris, Barcelona, Frankfurt, Milan, Prague, Budapest. ASIA. Mumbai, India, Bangkok, Thailand, Manila, Philippines, Hangzhou, Beijing, China, Colombo, Sri Lanka. Brazil. Sao Paolo.

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