3 Questions to Ask When Designing Your Custom Retail Packaging

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When you are looking for packaging and supply chain fulfillment solutions, you want to make sure you get the best in the business! We here at Co-Pak Packaging Corporation have all the packaging and supply information you need and would love to help ensure that your products reach their destination safely. If you are considering custom retail packaging for your shipping needs, there are a few questions that can be helpful in terms of design.

3 Questions to Ask When Designing Your Custom Retail Packaging

1.   Will custom retail packaging keep my product safe? Even if your packaging looks great, you still need your packaging to do the all-important job of ensuring your product arrives safely and without damage. While custom retail packaging often has other features, it should meet this first priority before all else.

2.   How can I help my product stand out from the others? There is so much more to packaging than just the basics, and custom retail packaging is a great way to give your product the attention it deserves from the get-go. With things like special features, print, and even trademarked, full-colour shrinkwraps around your packaging, you will be able to grab the attention of potential customers or clients.

3 Questions to Ask When Designing Your Custom Retail Packaging

3.   What custom features can we add to prevent loss or theft? While unfortunate, many business owners must factor in that a certain percentage of their product will be unprofitable due to theft or loss. However, certain custom retail packaging greatly reduces the chances of theft by making it harder for prospective thieves to access the product.

Here at Co-Pak Packaging Corporation, we would love to help you with your custom retail packaging needs. Give us a call today for these and any other questions you might have.