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You should consider implementing packaging solutions

Packaging is about much more than just getting your product from point A to point B. In fact, it can help you gain some real marketing traction with your brand if your packaging solutions are done right. Once you’ve got a solid brand and mapped out your plan, there are a few things to consider before solidifying your packaging to ensure it’s not only visually appealing, but practical for users.

1.  Function—Are you trying to sell a perishable product? You should consider implementing packaging solutions that include an airtight feature. Or, you should consider using insulated packaging to keep things fresh.

2.  Durability—If your package is damaged upon arrival, even the most beautiful design won’t make a good impression on the customer. Think about what kind of protection your product needs. If it’s breakable, you should include elements that protect your product by itself or in a separate box outside of the primary packaging.

3.  Scalability—Are you shipping a few large orders or many smaller orders? If, for example, hand stamping your labels would add interest to your packaging, the time you spend stamping will overshadow the cost of pre-printing labels if you’re trying to put out multiple large orders. Consider what will work in the long run for your brand and what you should consider automating.

4.  Shipping costs—Shape, weight, and size are all facts that impact how much it costs to ship your product. Size will have the greatest impact, especially if you include shipping costs with the total price of your product. To reduce costs, try to make the packaging solutions you choose efficient in terms of space.