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Box PackagingShipping a product to your customers often involves many considerations in terms of logistics. As you determine your best plan of action for fulfillment, you don’t want to forget about the type of packaging that makes the most sense for each shipment. Here are five reasons you’ll find box packaging is the better solution:

1.  Light Weight – Box packaging is, first and foremost, lightweight, yet durable. Easily stored and transported from one location to another during fulfillment, box packaging is an easy choice to make in this regard.

2.  Affordable Shipping – Another important reason to choose box packaging is because of the cost. You’ll want to make sure your packaging offers savings when it comes to affordable shipping, and this lightweight material won’t tip the scale too far into the red.

3.  Product Protection – While box packaging is lightweight, it still offers significant protection for the products inside. As the box gets shuffled around from fulfillment to delivery, your products will remain secure inside.

4.  Better Branding – If you want to brand your packaging so that it represents your business well, box packaging is the ideal solution. Capable of handling many types of printing, from laser to digital, and screen printing, box packaging produces an attractive outcome.

5.  Custom Packaging – The ability to customize your box packaging is perhaps one of the most valuable reasons to use it. Whether you have uniquely shaped products or you want to incorporate a special fold for security, box packaging offers endless options.

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