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enhance the effectiveness of your custom retail packaging

Custom retail packaging is an integral aspect of anyone’s shopping experience. In fact, for many people, the shopping/buying process is just as much an emotional experience as it is a process designed to help them purchase what they need. Production presentation is also the only form of marketing seen by 100% of people who reach for or look at a product, regardless of whether it ends up in their cart.

For these reasons, the design of your custom retail packaging plays a big part in whether your product will make it into a shopping cart. Consider it “game over” if your packaging doesn’t instantly connect with consumers while they shop. Luckily, there are strategies you can use to redefine your brand’s visual identity and enhance the effectiveness of your custom retail packaging:

  • Develop packaging that encourages shoppers to experience an emotion when they look at your product. This will hold their attention and have a greater influence on the buying decision.
  • Implement strategies that get people to notice your product on the shelf. Whether you use bold colours and images or catchy copy, you have to get shoppers to see your product among hundreds of others.
  • Simplify the focus and portray to customers why your brand is special.
  • If you recently implemented a new feature or focus, put visual emphasis on this aspect.
  • Support the impression hierarchy of the mind, which includes colour, shape, imagery, and words, for the most notable impact.