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The final step involved with our fulfillment services is shipping

Fulfillment services are a big part of what we do here at Co-Pak Packaging Corporation, on top of developing custom packaging solutions. Since our fulfillment services are a great option for your business and products, we want to give you a closer look at what they include.

The first stop on your fulfillment services journey is receiving. Depending on what you need, this can include counting each item to make sure all data matches, inspecting the inventory for any damages, and applying identifiers to the warehouse management software we use.

Once we receive, count, and label your inventory, we store it until needed. Property inventory storage is critical for maximizing speed and accuracy during delivery, so we carefully organize your inventory according to our experienced-based system.

When an order for your inventory is placed, we pick the individual items included in the order from their storage locations. At this point, your products will undergo a series of quality control checks and will be packaged securely to get ready for shipping.

The final step involved with our fulfillment services is shipping. After we receive an order for your inventory and it’s prepped, we deliver it to a shipping station to get it to the right location. We follow up on every order to ensure accuracy and timeliness of the delivery.

Do you have any questions about our fulfillment services and what they include? We’d be happy to tell you more, so reach out to us today to speak with one of our representatives.