Three Common Mistakes in the Design of Retail Displays

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We at Co-Pak Packaging Corporation have extensive experience in the packaging industry.  Over the years, we have helped countless clients create high-quality custom packaging for a diverse array of products, including foods and beverages, medicine, and much more. In addition, we also have the right experience to help you create eye-catching retail displays to show off your products.

Three Common Mistakes in the Design of Retail Displays

Part of the way we learned to design effective displays is by studying ones that didn’t, so in this article, we’ll go over three common mistakes we see in the design of retail displays:

  1. Accessibility – One mistake people often make when designing retail displays is making the products too difficult to reach. You want people to be able to access your product with ease, as otherwise they might not bother to buy your product at all.
  2. Attention Imbalance – Another easy mistake to make in retail display design is making the display more striking than the product. While you want your displays to look good, remember they are a means to showcase your product, not the other way around. Our team can help you design displays with enough pizzazz to draw customers’ attention, but not too much to distract from the products themselves.
  3. Too Much at Once – A third mistake people often make in designing retail displays is trying to do too much at once. For example, if you try to display dozens of different products on a single shelving unit, your customers will get confused. Instead, keep your displays focused on just a few products at a time in order to get your message across.