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stay abreast of the latest trends in custom retail packaging

In the world of custom retail packaging, there are always new trends coming and going. If you’re ready to come up with a new packaging campaign for your brand, here are a few custom retail packaging trends right now you should be aware of and consider implementing for greater retail success:

  • Information-rich packaging—When people grab your product, they want to know more about it in a split-second, making the custom retail packaging you use incredibly important. However, you need to have the “perfect amount” of information, as too much can be overwhelming and too little can cause confusion.
  • Vintage design—Vintage-inspired packaging is one trend in custom retail packaging that isn’t going away anytime soon. While it’s mostly popular in cottage industries, it can be used for major brands as well.
  • Flexible packaging—Custom retail packaging that’s light and flexible can reduce freight and shipping costs for the company. At the same time, customers like it because it complements their on-the-go lifestyles and makes recycling easier.
  • Eco-friendly packaging—More and more consumers are becoming concerned with the environment surrounding them, so more products are coming packaged in materials that aren’t harmful to the environment.

Here at Co-Pak Packaging Corporation, we always stay abreast of the latest trends in custom retail packaging, so we know how best to help the businesses that turn to us for forward-thinking solutions. If you want to know more about how a customized approach to packaging can benefit your brand, get in touch with us today!