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box packaging for their packaging needs

So many brands and industries stick with box packaging for their packaging needs, but this workhorse of the packaging world often doesn’t receive the credit or recognition it deserves. Why is box packaging a great option for so many products and so many brands? At Co-Pack Packaging Corporation, here’s why we think box packaging should receive more attention:

  • It’s protective—One of the primary goals of any type of packaging is for it to protect the product during fulfillment, shipment, and once it gets to the store. Cardboard packaging does an excellent job at this, especially since it comes in so many sizes and thicknesses.
  • It’s incredibly customizable—Your product is unique, and you want your packaging to reflect that! Not only does box packaging come in many thicknesses, but it can also receive different adhesives, coatings, and treatment for a completely individualized look. It can also be folded into many different shapes for tons of different looks!
  • It’s sustainable and cost-effective—Did you know corrugated cardboard is one of the most cost-effective types of packaging? This makes it a great option if you’re trying to stick to a budget during packaging development. Plus, cardboard packaging can usually be recycled, and it’s easy to fold down and tuck away for other uses.

Have we convinced you yet that box packaging is a great solution for your product? Contact us at Co-Pak Packaging Corporation to find out more about why we think cardboard is a winner for nearly any packaging project!